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For adults at work, socializing happens around the water cooler. For kids, it’s between classes at their lockers.  Between any period, this is what you’ll hear:

Hey, what are you doing after school? Do you have more homework? 

Homeschool events Georgia

Homeschool hangouts

No I’m free, I’ll meet you after the bell rings!

…or something like this:

I’m having a sleepover tomorrow. Want to come?

Sure! What time?

For homeschoolers, locker time can still exist, we just need to be a bit more creative about it. And that’s why Locker Time was created. If you’re looking for homeschool events in Georgia, California, Texas or any other state, this is the place to be!

Homeschool events across the states

As a homeschooler, you will invariably get questions on socialization for your young ones — when do they hang out with other kids?  With all the homeschool events going across the states, you can pack your schedule with fun-filled homeschool events week after week!

Locker Time is a community of homeschoolers sharing homeschool events, things to do and places to go in Georgia and beyond. If you know of a great homeschool event in Georgia, California, Texas or any other state, list it here.  Looking for something to do?  Search our listings for what’s happening in your area. We are quickly adding homeschool events for all states so there’s something for everyone. If you are hosting a homeschool event, list it here and get it in front of homeschoolers!

  • Events – these homeschool events in are social gatherings where the kids simply get to hang out, such as Ice Skating, Rock Climbing or a meet-up at an arcade or local park.
  • Classes – just like traditional schools, these homeschool classes are on a variety of subjects – both core classes and electives.